[SBS Star] VIDEO: Lee You Young Misses Her Lover Kim Joo Hyuk


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: Lee You Young Misses Her Lover Kim Joo Hyuk
Actress Lee You Young confessed that she misses her lover, actor Kim Joo Hyuk who passed away from a fatal car accident.

On March 13, SBS 'Han Bam' featured an episode in which Lee You Young was spotted at the event of her upcoming film 'Marionette' (2017).

When the reporter asked her about her life after the death of her lover Kim Joo Hyuk from the disastrous car accident in last October, Lee You Young thought for a while to answer the question.

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Although she was hesitant to speak, she commented, "I still miss him, and I think he wants me to stay the way I am since he used to be always cheerful and supportive of me."Lee Yoo YoungLee Yoo YoungShe added, "I will keep that in mind and continue my career as an actress."Lee Yoo YoungLee Yoo YoungLee Yoo Young continued, "I spent time by myself at home for a while. But I soon noticed that I should do something. That's why I have tried out for several films. I am also getting ready for the upcoming drama."

She ended her comment, "I have to speak French for the role, so I am practicing speaking French every day."

The film 'Marionette' (2017) is a thriller with mysterious plots. The film is scheduled to be released in April.

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