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[SBS Star] YG's Last Call with DAESUNG Before His Enlistment


작성 2018.03.13 15:20 조회수
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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] YGs Last Call with DAESUNG Before His Enlistment
Yang Hyun Suk, the head of YG Entertainment, left farewell messages to K-pop boy band BIGBANG's DAESUNG who joins the army today.

On March 13, Yang Hyun Suk posted photos of DAESUNG on his social media account to notice DAESUNG's fans that he just had a last call with DAESUNG before DAESUNG entered the army.BIGBANG DAESUNGWith hashtags saying, "Just had a last call in a while", "He said that he could just go by himself. So stubborn.", "Stay healthy", "Be well", and "See you soon", Yang Hyun Suk posted farewell messages to DAESUNG.BIGBANG DAESUNGDAESUNG joins the military as an active-duty soldier on March 13, and he is the fourth member of BIGBANG to serve the mandatory military duty following T.O.P, G-DRAGON, and TAEYANG.

SEUNGRI, the youngest and the last member of the group, is still holding his own activities as a solo artist.

Yet SEUNGRI also intends to join the army soon so that the gap years of the group from the enlistment could be lessened as much as possible.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG's agency YG Entertainment releases a new song of the group called 'FLOWER ROAD' at 6PM KST today as a gift for the fans. BIGBANG DAESUNGBIGBANG DAESUNGAlthough four members of the group are in the army, the release of the song marks the official comeback of the group since its last album 'MADE' in 2016.

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