[SBS Star] GOT7's Best Album with Participation of All Members!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] GOT7s Best Album with Participation of All Members!
K-pop boy band GOT7 had its comeback with the album that has the group's own distinctive musical tastes and colors.

On March 12, the comeback special online show 'GOT7 Eyes on You Live PREMIERE' was featured through V LIVE with the release of the title song 'Look' from the album 'Eyes On You' on the same day.

Since GOT7's last release of the song has been more than 5 months, the members seemed very excited to be back.GOT7All the members, for instance, said, "We are really glad to come back and show our fans the new songs."

The members had a special attachment to the album since every member of the group participated in producing the songs on the album.

With JB's 'Look', YOUNGJAE produced the song 'Hesitate', YUGYEOM composed the song 'Thank You' with messages to his fans, and BAMBAM made the song 'The Reason' inspired by the film 'Justice League' (2017).

When the members discussed the title track 'Look', JB was very confident in giving explanations for the song.GOT7JB said, "I wrote the song that perfectly fits to the group. It's the song that represents GOT7 the most."

He continued, "I wanted a song with this feeling, so I suggested many opinions to staffs at my agency to get the result that I really wanted."

MARK also commented with confidence, "JB's got the perfect song for us."

Following his comment, the members spontaneously performed the hook and the dance to explain the song in details.GOT7With the special attachment and affection, GOT7 plans to actively promote its new album.

From the group's participation in the JTBC variety show 'Knowing Bros', each member also plans to be on screen for various programs.

JINYOUNG, in particular, is planned to be in the upcoming episode of the MBC program 'Living Together in Empty Room'.

JB ended his comment by saying, "We will try our best to meet with you guys in various ways, so please keep an eye on us."GOT7The official end of activities and events for the song 'Look' is scheduled to be in May, and with the end, GOT7 intends to launch its world tour starting from Seoul to 17 different cities.

(Credit= V LIVE 'GOT7 Eyes on You Live PREMIERE', JYP Entertainment)

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