[SBS Star] Park Yu Chun Bursts into Tears for His Fans' Love


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Park Yu Chun Bursts into Tears for His Fans Love
Park Yu Chun from K-pop boy band JYJ burst into tears during his fan meeting event.

On March 12, the official social media account of JYJ released photos of Park Yu Chun at his fan meeting in Japan.

The two-day fan meeting '2018 Park Yu Chun Fan Meeting & Mini Concert in Japan - 再會 - Remember the Memories' was filled with his fans in Tokyo after the last event in 2015.

Park Yu Chun's schedule in Japan garnered attention not only from the public in Japan but also the one in China.Park Yu ChunOn March 12, the phrase 'Park Yu Chun in Japan' was ranked on the biggest social media account of China, and it shows his fans in Asia were desperate for his comeback.

Meanwhile, Park Yu Chun burst into tears when he met with his Japanese fans after several scandals.Park Yu ChunOn the social meda account of JYJ, the video of Park Yu Chun in tears was released.

From the video, Park Yu Chun mentioned, "It was really glad to see you guys. Thank you so much.", and his concise comment expressed sincere gratitude towards his fans who have waited for him from incessant scandals and controversial behaviors.Park Yu ChunPark Yu Chun's shot for his comeback with the fan meeting catches the eyes of people since there were several critical views toward Park Yu Chun's demeanors in the past.

Yet the responses of his fans suggest that his comeback in Japan starts off with a big success.  

(Credit= 'JYJ' Official LINE)

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