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[SBS Star] VIDEO: Kim Sung Kyu Looks for His 'True Love'


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: Kim Sung Kyu Looks for His True Love
K-pop boy band INFINITE's Kim Sung Kyu performed his title track 'True Love' on SBS 'Inkigayo'.

On March 11, Kim Sung Kyu exposed his marvelous charms as a solo artist on SBS 'Inkigayo' with the song 'True Love'.Kim Sung Kyu'True Love', which is the title track of his new album '10 Stories' released on February 26, is composed by SPACEBOY and Kim Jongwan of NELL.Kim Sung KyuSince Kim Sung Kyu has been a big fan of Kim Jongwan of NELL for a long time, this album fulfills his wish to have a collaboration with the most favorite artist.Kim Sung KyuThe alternative pop-styled song further highlights Kim Sung Kyu's powerful, astonishing singing skills.Kim Sung KyuDespite the fact that it has been around 3 years after Kim Sung Kyu released his solo album, his existence on stage felt like he has been there forever.

Where is Kim Sung Kyu's 'True Love'?

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