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[SBS Star] VIDEO: Speed Skater Lee Seung-hoon in 'Master in the House'!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: Speed Skater Lee Seung-hoon in Master in the House!
The emperor of the speed skating Lee Seung-hoon met the members of the SBS variety show 'Master in the House'.

On March 11, 'Master in the House' featured an episode in which the members of the show―Lee Sang Yun, Lee Seung Gi, Yang Se-hyung, and Yook Sungjae, spent their time with Korea's speed skater Lee Seung-hoon, who won the gold and silver medals from the '2018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games'.Master in the HouseBefore the members met Lee Seung-hoon, they gathered at a place and talked about their master with high expectations.

On this day, the master appeared with back steps. Wearing the medals on his neck, the master finally turned back, and the show revealed Lee Seung-hoon as the master of the episode.Master in the HouseWith cheerful greeting from the members, Lee Seung-hoon soon broached his life as an athlete.Master in the HouseHe said, "I think it was tougher back in the days when I was young and trained for the competitions. I am so proud of the little Seung-hoon." and boasted his stories with confidence.

Although Lee Seung-hoon got married in June last year, he has not gone to honeymoon with his wife.

He said, "We haven't gone anywhere to celebrate our wedding. I was so busy getting prepared for the Olympics."

But he soon added, "We will be off to a trip soon."

When Lee Seung-hoon was asked by Lee Sang Yun about the intense level of the training, his facial expression soon changed with seriousness.Master in the HouseMaster in the HouseLee Seung-hoon commented, "I wanted to die because it was such a pain. I was just exhausted and done with everything, but there was so much leftover to go through. I really wanted to quit everything."Master in the HouseMaster in the HouseFrom the episode, the dormitory of the national athletes was unveiled.Master in the HouseMaster in the HouseFrom the diet routine to the basic training, the members vividly experienced the real, intense life as an athlete, and the show drew the tough, competitive, challenging accounts of the players.Master in the HouseMaster in the HouseThis episode was aired on March 11.

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