[SBS Star] Min Hyorin and YG Respond to TAEYANG's Enlistment with Photos


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Min Hyorin and YG Respond to TAEYANGs Enlistment with Photos
Actress Min Hyorin and Yang Hyun Suk, the head of YG Entertainment, responded to the enlistment of K-pop boy band BIGBANG's TAEYANG.

On March 11, Min Hyorin was the first one to post photos on her social media account.

With two released photos of her glare and side face, Min Hyorin boasted her marvelous beauty after marriage. Min Hyorin, YGMin Hyorin, YGBecause the photos were posted without any comments on the day right before TAEYANG's enlistment, people assume the photos mean to signify her state of mind for her husband's upcoming enlistment.  

On March 12, Yang Hyun Suk also uploaded photos of TAEYANG on his social media account.

In the photos, TAEYANG had a newly shaved head with chic posture, and he brightly smiled towards the camera.Min Hyorin, YGMin Hyorin, YGYang Hyun Suk, who was also sitting next to TAEYANG in the photo, left comments saying, "I love you, Youngbae (TAEYANG's real name). Please come back safely!" that showed his incessant love of TAEYANG.

TAEYANG enters the military training base as an active-duty training soldier in Gangwon-do on March 12.

At the training base, TAEYANG gets five weeks of intense training and assigned to the division in the army.

The enlistment marks TAEYANG the third member of BIGBANG to serve the mandatory military duty following T.O.P and G-DRAGON, and he is expected to be discharged from the military duty in December 2019.

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Although most of the members are in the army, YG Entertainment announced that BIGBANG is scheduled to release a new song on March 13 as a gift for its fans, and the release of the new song marks the official comeback of the group since its last album 'MADE' in 2016.

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