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[SBS Star] This Is What the Members of '92 Club' Do When They Hang Out


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] This Is What the Members of 92 Club Do When They Hang Out
K-pop girl group MAMAMOO's member Moon Byul revealed what the members of '92 Club' do when they are together.

On March 7 episode of MBC every1 'Weekly Idol', Moon Byul talked about what she generally do when she meets her close celebrity friends―BTS' JIN, EXID's HANI, VIXX's KEN, B1A4's BARO and SANDEUL.

She revealed that the six K-pop group members formed a group called '92 Club', named after the year that they were all born.
92 ClubWhen the hosts Jung Hyung Don and Defconn asked what they usually do when they meet up, Moon Byul answered, "We drink, but not too heavily."

She added, "We actually really like going to an escape room game venue. So, we end up going there often."92 ClubFans were intrigued to hear this, as '92 Club' is a well-known get-together group among K-pop fans, and fans always wondered what they do when they hang out.
92 ClubMeanwhile, Moon Byul's group MAMAMOO returned with its new track 'Starry Night' on March 7, and the song has been sweeping many major domestic music charts since the release.

(Lee Narin, Credit= MBC every1 'Weekly Idol', 'wm.b1a4' 'RBW.MAMAMOO' 'RealVIXX' 'bangtan.official' 'EXIDOfficial' Facebook) 

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