[SBS Star] VIDEO: NCT U Whispers, 'Baby Don't Stop'


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: NCT U Whispers, Baby Dont Stop
K-pop boy band NCT dropped its special project of the year 'NCT 2018' with the release of NCT U's 'BOSS' and the second track 'Baby Don't Stop'.

On March 6 episode of SBS MTV 'The Show', NCT U performed 'Baby Don't Stop' and 'BOSS'.

The two songs were unveiled before the official release of its upcoming album scheduled to be out on March 14.

Unlike the song 'BOSS' which draws the goals of boys being leaders along the dynamic beat of the electro-hip hop base sound, 'Baby Don't Stop' has dramatic raps and fascinating whispers along the powerful bass beat of a lush art house tune.NCT U'Baby Don't Stop' is performed by NCT's members TAEYONG and TEN, and it is the first time the two have worked together for a song since their debut.NCT UThe seductive, charismatic choreography of the song further entices the audience.NCT UNCT debuted in 2016 and consists of three subunits―NCT U, NCT 127, and NCT DREAM.

With recently added members―LUCAS, JUNGWOO, and KUN, the group has 18 members in total and looks forward to having comeback in March.

Check out the stage of 'Baby Don't Stop' by NCT U at 'The Show'!

(Credit= SBS MTV The Show)

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