[SBS Star] IU Full of Love Towards Her Fans♥


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IUThe renowned female singer-songwriter IU expressed gratitude towards her fans.

On February 13, IU uploaded various photos on her social media account and gave credits to her online fan community 'IU Gallery'.IUWith photos, she wrote, "IU Gallery♥ Thank you so much for the food and beverages. I sincerely thank you guys every time."

The released photos show that IU received food and beverages sent by her fans to the filming location of her new drama.IUIn one of the photos, IU's posing with the exact same facial expression from her own panel, and her bubbly charm is strongly highlighted in the photo.IUFrom another photo, IU is holding an iced Americano in front of her face.

Her wide, circular eyes emphasize her cuteness like a little girl and grabs fans' attention.IUMeanwhile, IU joined the tvN drama 'My Mister' (literal translation) as the main actress.

Just like its title, the drama seems to draw 'Daddy-Long-Legs' story from the complicated relationship emerged from shared experiences between the man in his 40s and the woman in her 20s.

The first episode of the show will be aired on March 21.

(Credit= 'dlwlrma' Instagram, Kim Hyun-chul/SBS funE)

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