[SBS Star] BTS Celebrates the New Year with Hanbok!


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BTS VK-pop boy band BTS welcomes the New Year by wearing Hanbok (traditional Korean clothes).

On February 14, BTS released photos of themselves in colorful Hanbok on its social media account.BTSWith the photos, BTS said, "We sincerely hope everyone is happy and stay strong."

Each member also commented on the upcoming New Year day this week.BTSThe leader of the group RM said, "Since the symbol of the year is a dog, and I was born in year with the same symbol, I think there will be many meaningful and interesting events coming up for the year."

He added, "I hope all members of our team stay healthy, and wish we can hold world stadium tour."BTSJ-HOPE commented, "I also think that there will be many meaningful and interesting events since I was born in the same year as RM."

He continued, "I hope it's the year that I always stay humble and be thankful of my work. The mix tape is coming, so I want our fans to have chance listening to it as soon as possible."BTSJIN noted, "I was really happy in 2017, so I hope I can be like that in 2018 as well. I hope our members don't get sick and take care of their health."BTSSUGA said, "I still can't believe it's 2018. For our team's goal this year is that BTS enters Billboard chart 'HOT 100'."

He added, "For my personal goal of the year, I hope I can collaborate with other various artists and release my own project. Lastly, I hope for world peace."BTSJIMIN mentioned, "I hope our fans and members stay strong, and take care of health. I wish I can show more aspects of myself this year."BTSV commented, "I can't believe I am already 24 in Korean age. And the fact that BTS has come all the way here."

He continued, "For 2018, I hope our members and people around me stay mentally and physically strong. I hope the year is full of smiles."BTSJUNGKOOK said, "For 2018, I hope I become more persistent and improve myself. Also, I want to have more practices for piano, and play it better."

The members of BTS plan to have private time take a break during the holidays.

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