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[SBS Star] VIXX N Gets Frustrated by His Obsessive Fans


작성 2018.02.14 17:24 조회수
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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIXX N Gets Frustrated by His Obsessive Fans
K-pop boy group VIXX's leader N opened up his honest feelings regarding his obsessive fans.

On February 14, N wrote on his social media account in frustration, "I am writing this after spending hours thinking whether if I should. I am fully aware that my job entails revealing myself to the public, whether if I want it or not. However, please do not follow me even to the hospital like today and the day before."

He continued, "Before I am a celebrity, I am a son, who is just trying to fulfill the duties as one. I sincerely ask you not to do so. Please."

According to fans of VIXX, N visited his ill mother at a hospital with other family members, and some of N's obsessive fans went after N to the hospital.

They even shared the location of the hospital with other fans, causing fans to clutter around the surrounding area.

VIXX's fans have strongly expressed agreement to N by saying that obsessive fans are not true fans, and they must stop taking those actions immediately.

Meanwhile, VIXX N was recently invited to an exclusive dinner hosted by the President of International Olympic Committee (IOC) with a fellow member HONGBIN.

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(Lee Narin, Credit= 'CHA_NNNNN' Twitter, 'RealVIXX' Facebook)  

(SBS Star)