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[SBS Star] 1995: The Year of Mesmerizing K-pop Artists!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] 1995: The Year of Mesmerizing K-pop Artists!
What happened in 1995?

K-pop celebrities with remarkably fascinating charms have one thing in common. They are all born in 1995!

Although some may believe that it is just a coincidence, there are various brilliant K-pop celebrities with incomparably excellent talents and attractiveness.

Yes, it is hard to say that all people born in 1995 are perfect, but for these celebrities, known as the '95 Line' cannot make people admit the fact that they are special.

Who are they? Here's the list of the K-pop celebrities born in 1995.

1. Yook Sungjae from BTOB
K-pop artists2. Ong Seong Wu from Wanna One
Wanna One Ong Seong Wu3. V, JIMIN from BTS
K-pop artists5. MINHYUN, REN, JR, BAEKHO from NU'EST
K-pop artists6.NAYEON from TWICE
K-pop artists7.JISOO from BLACKPINK
K-pop artists8.Whee In, Hwa Sa from MAMAMOO
K-pop artists9.Sowon from GFRIEND
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(SBS Star)