[SBS Star] JUN.K from 2PM Involved in Drunk Driving


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] JUN.K from 2PM Involved in Drunk Driving
JUN.K from K-pop boy band 2PM was caught from DUI.

In the early morning of February 10, JUN.K was caught while he was driving by himself. At that time, the rate of blood alcohol concentration was 0.074%, which goes beyond the limit and even leads to suspend the driving license.

As the incident was publicized on February 13, his agency, JYP Entertainment, officially delivered a message.JUN.KJYP Entertainment said, "We sincerely apology for the JUN.K's incident. He is having self-reflections, and deeply regrets for what he has done."

It continued, "We will cancel all the planned activities except the ones that involve the contract with the companies overseas."JUN.KJYP Entertainment also responded, "Our agency has enacted a policy to provide chauffeur service for our artists since 2014 to prevent drink-driving."

It added, "Despite the fact that we have done everything we could, JUN.K's incident makes us to think of another alternatives."

JUN.K also commented about his incident on the official website of 2PM.JUN.KHe said, "Although I am aware of the weight of the crime, I have committed the behavior, and I am really regretful for what I have done. I sincerely apologize for our members and fans, who have endlessly supported me."

This incident is especially disappointing since JUN.K intends to join the national military service and go through all the requisite training.

To join the official training, JUN.K has even gone through a surgery to get rid of metal pin in his body.2PMMoreover, his group 2PM planned to perform at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics' Headliner Show on February 19, including its member TAECYEON, currently serving the mandatory duties in the military.

Although the intended performance marks the first time for all members to officially gather together since TAECYEON's enlistment in the military last September, JUN.K's incident changes the plans.

In the end, the agency once again expressed genuine regrets and apologies toward the event.

(Credit= SBS funE, '2PM' Official Website)

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