[SBS Star] EXID HANI Loses Temper When HYELIN Mentions Past Relationship


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] EXID HANI Loses Temper When HYELIN Mentions Past Relationship
K-pop girl group EXID's member HANI lost her temper when fellow member HYELIN indirectly mentioned her publicized relationship in the past.

On February 12 episode of MBN's variety show 'Flying Girl', HANI and HYELIN met a comedian Kim Ji Min and learned some longboarding together.

While the three were casually chatting at a cafe during a break, HYELIN asked Kim Ji Min if she felt lonely.

Kim Ji Min answered, "Do I look lonely? I don't really feel lonely, because I'm having a lot of fun with my life." then she asked some similar questions to them, "Do you feel lonely? Do you have a boyfriend now?"

The two of girl group members said they were feeling lonely, and they are currently not dating anyone.

Then Kim Ji Min asked, "If you had a boyfriend, will you guys go public with your boyfriend?"

HANI strongly claimed, "No! It's something that you shouldn't do."

Right after that, HYELIN indirectly mentioned HANI's past publicized relationship with K-pop boy group JYJ's member Kim Jun Su by saying, "It has been revealed once in the past for you."

HANI then threatened HYELIN, "Be quiet! Do you want to die?"

In order to comfort HANI, Kim Ji Min mentioned her past publicized relationship, "I don't know if I should be saying this, but I'm your senior in that area." and made them laugh.

Meanwhile, EXID is currently doing a special project called 'Re:flower', which is releasing remixed/remastered tracks of EXID's non-title tracks from its previously released albums.

The project aims to cast a spotlight over hidden gems from its past albums, and it will be releasing a remixed/remastered song every month from January until August.

On February 12, EXID has dropped its second track for the project, 'Will You Take Me / Don't Want A Drive'.

(Lee Narin, Credit= MBN 'Flying Girl', 'bananact' Official Website)

(SBS Star)