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[SBS Star] 'Cheese in the Trap' the Movie to Release in Theaters


작성 2018.02.13 13:24 조회수
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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Cheese in the Trap the Movie to Release in Theaters
'Cheese in the Trap' the movie starring actor Park Hae Jin and actress Oh Yeon Seo has been confirmed to be released on March 14.

'Cheese in the Trap' is the movie adaptation of popular webtoon series, which illustrates the story between the perfect, but mysterious guy 'Yoo Jung' and a female college student 'Hong Seol' full of charms.

With the announcement of the released date, a photo of the two main leads was released.

Cheese in the Trap
In the photo, Park Hae Jin (Yoo Jung) and Oh Yeon Seo (Hong Seol) sit close to each other and smile at the camera, already emitting their incredible chemistry.

Previously, 'Cheese in the Trap' was made into a drama which aired in January until March 2016 on tvN.

Cheese in the Trap
At that time, Park Hae Jin also played the role of 'Yoo Jung' and had been commented by the viewers as the perfect fit for the role.

Although Oh Yeon Seo has not appeared on the drama adaptation of 'Cheese in the Trap', she has been chosen as the most wanted cast for the role of 'Hong Seol' by fans of 'Cheese in the Trap'

As the release date is coming up soon, fans' anticipation is getting higher to watch the chemistry between the two celebrities on screen.

(Lee Narin, Credit= '순끼' Naver Webtoon, SBS funE, tvN 'Cheese in the Trap')

(SBS Star)