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[SBS Star] CHUNGHA's Amazing Encounter with Seniors!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] CHUNGHAs Amazing Encounter with Seniors!
An uprising female solo artist CHUNGHA from the girl group unit I.O.I reflected her thoughts toward the seniors in the same field.

On February 12, CHUNGHA was on V LIVE's 'BLOSSOM QUEENS' to casually interact with her fans throughout the online broadcast.CHUNGHACHUNGHA broached the conversation by saying, "I am a person full of luck and fortune."

She added, "I just finished my activities as an artist with the title track 'Roller Coaster', and during that time, I could see so many female artists that I really like."

She continued, "I gave my album to the seniors. I really wanted to meet BoA and give her my album. Fortunately, I could actually see her."CHUNGHACHUNGHA also mentioned, "I am also a big fan of Red Velvet, and I could give them my album as well. I am really glad."

On top of anything else, she highlighted her encounter with the renowned K-pop artist and lovely actress Suzy.CHUNGHAShe said, "I could give my album to Suzy. At that time, my heart was beating so fast because Suzy was so pretty."

From the episode, CHUNGHA also openly talked about herself.

When she was asked to emphasize her own charm different from the ones of seniors, CHUNGHA was very humble.CHUNGHAShe noted, "I think people like me when I work hard. For example, I distinguish dances for the stage and my personal training."

CHUNGHA's endless efforts to create her own color accentuate her passion towards her work, and her bold steps to incessantly interact with her fans once again indicate her affection towards her loving fans.

Meanwhile, CHUNGHA just finished her activities as an artist with the title track 'Roller Coaster' from her album 'Offset', released on January 17.

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Her sparkling costume and makeup that perfectly fit to the song vividly drew the unstable emotions of love, and successfully grabbed attention from the public.

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(SBS Star)