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[SBS Star] Tiffany Taking Pictorials in New York!


작성 2018.02.13 09:58 조회수
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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Tiffany Taking Pictorials in New York!
The new photos of Tiffany from Girls' Generation have been released online.TiffanyOn February 12, the official social media account of the fashion magazine Instyle Korea released photos of Tiffany taking pictorials in New York for the upcoming edition released on March.TiffanyThe hashtags said, "Even if it's rainy and freezing, Tiffany did not stop smiling. She tried her best for the shooting."

The post continued, "The pictorial is for the March magazine. Please look for the upcoming photos and the stories of the attractive girl Tiffany in New York!"TiffanyFrom the released photos, Tiffany has long hair with smokey makeup, and takes charismatic postures.

Since it has been a while after Tiffany officially left her agency, SM Entertainment, her fans are excited to see her back from the released photos by the magazine.

Meanwhile, Tiffany is staying in Los Angeles and going to school as an ordinary student. She has not announced her official comeback as an artist.

(Credit= 'instylekorea' Instagram)

(SBS Star)