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[SBS Star] IRENE and YERI in Coldness During the Concert


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IRENE and YERI from K-pop girl group Red Velvet have been captured by the cameras of their fans during the concert commemorating the hosting of the '2018 PyeongChang Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games'.

On February 10, the '2018 PyeongChang K-POP WORLD FESTA' was held in Gangwon-do and successfully celebrated the establishment of the Winter Games in Korea.

On this day, the members of Red Velvet passionately performed their new title song 'Bad Boy' from the album 'The Perfect Red Velvet', released on January 29.Red VelvetAs all participants of the festival gathered at the stage for the ending, IRENE and YERI suffered severe coldness from wearing thin costumes for the stage.

In the released videos taken by their fans, IRENE was closely attached to YERI like one, and she was shivering her hands and arms.Red VelvetRed VelvetYERI, the youngest of the group, also breathed by covering her mouth with hands, and she shook her hands as her fans loudly cheered her up.

Although IRENE was severely shivering from extreme coldness, she soon followed the beat of the song as it was on, and tried to forget about the coldness.
Red VelvetYERI also clapped her hands along the music and stayed on the stage until the end, but she was busy warming her frozen hands, and it made her fans worry.Red VelvetWhen the ending stage was finally over, IRENE and YERI carefully went down from the stage among other K-pop celebrities, and people cheered the celebrities from performing in extremely cold weather.

Meanwhile, the '2018 PyeongChang K-POP WORLD FESTA' exposed the charms of K-wave with the collaboration of cultural contents of Gangwon-do and the ones of Hallyu.K-POP WORLD FESTAFor the second stage that will be held on February 17, various R&B and hip-hop artists such as Baek Z Young, Whee Sung (Real Slow), Dynamic Duo, CHEETAH, Killagramz, and many more, intend to participate.

On the last stage of the festival held on February 24, various K-pop artists such as Super Junior, B1A4, LABOUM, Jeong Sewoon, and many more, are expected to introduce enthusiastic performances of K-pop to the international audience.

(Credit= 'K-POP WORLD FESTA' Official Website, 'Mera' Youtube)

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