[SBS Star] GOT7 Jackson's Extravagant Birthday Present for His Dad!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] GOT7 Jacksons Extravagant Birthday Present for His Dad!
Jackson from an uprising K-pop boy band GOT7 exposed himself giving luxurious birthday present to his dad.

On February 9, Jackson posted a short video on his social media account, saying "Happy Birthday Dad."
JacksonIn the video, Jackson is wearing a fancy tuxedo and singing 'Happy Birthday' to his father.
JacksonWith savory birthday cake and champagne, Jackson successfully prepared special birthday supper for his dad, and his father seems to be very satisfied with Jackson's preparation.JacksonAfter his dad blew out candles on the cake, Jackson gave his dad a watch that is worth of 15 million won (approximately 14,000 dollars).

Although Jackson's father seemed to be a bit surprised to receive such an expensive present, he seemed very glad and proud of his son.JacksonSince it is definitely not easy to save a bunch of money at his age, Jackson's getting envious attention from the public.

His group GOT7 is a K-pop boy band debuted in 2014 from JYP Entertainment.

With its representative songs 'If You Do' and 'Stop Stop It', GOT7 is looking forward to releasing the new album in March.

From May, GOT7 also plans to launch its world tour and meet fans from all over the world.

(Credit= 'jacksonwang852g7' Instagram)

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