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[SBS Star] Baek Z Young's Sincere Apology for Her Husband's Arrest


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Baek Z Youngs Sincere Apology for Her Husbands Arrest
Baek Z Young showed at her concert after her husband, Jung Suk Won, was arrested for illicit drug use, and she confessed how she felt towards the event.

On February 10, Baek Z Young held her solo concert '2018 Baek Z Young Concert -WELCOME- BAEK' at the Seoul Olympic Park.Baek Z YoungOn the day before her concert, her husband Jung Suk Won was arrested at Incheon International Airport for using illegal drugs, and there were numerous speculations toward the cancellation of Baek Z Young's concert due to the event.

Yet Baek Z Young decided to keep promises with her fans, and she finally stood at the stage on the day of her concert.

Before she had her concert, Baek Z Young responded to her fans' worries and caring comments on her social media account.Baek Z YoungThe messages supported Baek Z Young by saying, "I will pray for you", "I will trust in your choice and decision", and "please cheer up."

Baek Z Young genuinely appreciated her fans' support with 'likes' on each comment.

When Baek Z Young was up on the stage, she broached the talk by saying, "Thank you for coming today. I am really glad that the seats are full."

Then, she carefully continued speaking about her husband's incident.

She noted, "Since all of you guys were worried about the incident, I cannot avoid mentioning it. I've spent a day that felt like 10 years after reading the news."Baek Z YoungBaek Z Young continued, "My husband made the wrong decision. As his wife and partner, I am also having self-reflections."

She kept saying, "I don't know how long it would take, but we will show you the best life as a couple."

While cautiously delivering her state of mind, Baek Z Young burst into tears from patiently holding her emotions.

She had flashbacks on the day of her wedding and the vows made during the ceremony.Baek Z YoungShe said, "I will stay by his side whenever he struggles, he's happy, he's poor, and he's healthy."

At the end of her speech, she once again expressed gratitude towards her fans who came to her concert, and the show started with Baek Z Young's sincere apology and confessions toward her husband's event.Baek Z YoungJung Suk Won was arrested for illicit drug use on February 8 at Incheon International Airport.

It is reported that he used the drugs while he was traveling Australia last week.

After investigations, Jung Suk Won did admit that he used the drugs, and he was released on February 9 with the police's consideration of his commitment to the crime for the first time.

(Credit= 'baekzyoung' Instagram, 'cjessokwon' Facebook, Online Community, SBS funE, Yonhap News Agency)

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