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[SBS Star] VIDEO: Seohyun Performs with the North Korean Art Troupe


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K-pop girl group Girls' Generation's member Seohyun made a surprise appearance during the concert by the North Korean art performers.

On February 11, Seohyun unexpectedly appeared at the North Korean art troupe Samjiyon Orchestra's concert at the National Theater of Korea, Seoul, held in celebration of '2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics'.

Seohyun came up to the stage and sang songs with the female octet, smiling throughout the performance.

It was especially notable as she sang a North Korean song 'We Will Meet Again' and a song that signifies unity 'Our Wish is Unification'.

She was even seen warm-heartedly holding hands and hugging the performers.

The singer ended the finale and received a standing ovation from the audience.

At the concert, the North Korean art performers performed to over 10 South Korean songs that are popular in North Korea as well.

Watch Seohyun performing with the North Korean art performers above.

(Lee Narin, Video Edit= Kim Bohui, Credit= Yonhap News Agency)

(SBS Star)