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[SBS Star] BoA Sees U-Know as a Guy?


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] BoA Sees U-Know as a Guy?
A renowned singer-songwriter BoA confessed that she regarded U-Know Yunho from TVXQ! as a guy.

On February 11, XtvN 'Keyword#BoA' aired its third episode in which BoA, KEY from SHINee, and professional golfer Choi Na Yeon visited shopping mall and had meals.BoAWhile waiting for the supper, BoA abruptly broached the conversation by saying, "My heart was beating so fast because of U-Know."BoAShe added, "You know in Japan, you use 'tadaima' (I'm home) and 'okaeri' (welcome home). When I arrived in Japan and saw text messages from U-Know, I replied to him that I was in Japan."BoABoA continued, "And U-Know said 'okaeri'. It's really rare for guys to use 'okaeri'."

KEY responded to BoA, "That's very rare. That's like a couple."

BoA burst into laughter and said she saw U-Know different from the usual, and KEY laughed towards BoA's abrupt confession.BoAKEY reminded BoA, "I think time does make you change weird."

Meanwhile, "Keyword#BoA' is a reality show which exposes BoA's 24 hours of preparing the new single 'NEGA DOLA' with KEY, a big fan of BoA since he was young.

The new album was released on January 30 and garnered attention from the public with BoA's change as a groovy hip-hop artist.

The show is aired at 11PM KST every Sunday.

(Credit= 'boakwon' Instagram, XtvN 'Keyword#BoA')

(SBS Star)