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[SBS Star] MINA from gugudan Cries at Her Graduation Ceremony?


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] MINA from gugudan Cries at Her Graduation Ceremony?
The photos of MINA from gugudan at the graduation ceremony of her high school has been released on the social media accounts of her agency and her group.

On February 8, MINA attended the graduation ceremony at her high school, School of Performing Arts Seoul in Guro-dong.gugudanFor the graduation, all members of gugudan attended and commemorated for MINA's completion of school.

Through her agency, JELLYFISH Entertainment, MINA also expressed her mixed feelings toward the ceremony.

She said, "I feel like I just entered high school, but I can't believe I am graduating today. Now I reflect my days at school, every moment was memorable."gugudanMINA continued, "As I took photos with my friends, I could actually feel that I am done with school, and I am a bit regretful about it. After I finished the daily routine and put my uniforms in closet, I do sense it's really over."

MINA noted that she will concentrate on her group activities as an artist besides going to college just like YERI from Red Velvet, Park Ji Hoon from Wanna One, and Kim Do Yeon from Weki Meki.gugudanMeanwhile, gugudan is back with its second single album 'Act.4 Cait Sith' with the title track 'The Boots', released on February 1.  

(Credit= 'jellyfish_stagram' 'gu9udan' Instagram)

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