[SBS Star] SANA's Special Interview Lip Sync for DAHYUN!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] SANAs Special Interview Lip Sync for DAHYUN!
K-pop girl group TWICE had interview in Japan, and SANA from the group kindly helped her member DAHYUN for the interview in Japanese.

On February 6, TWICE was on Nippon TV show 'ZIP!' and had interview.TWICEFor the interview, DAHYUN introduced what amazed her when she arrived in Japan.

However, when DAHYUN tried to explain automatic doors on taxis in Japan, she could not skillfully express her stories and feelings from the language barrier.

Although DAHYUN tried to use body language and onomatopoeia, she still had difficulties in explaining her stories, and seemed she was in confusion.TWICEWhen she was struggling from speaking Japanese, SANA quietly said something to DAHYUN in secret, and DAHYUN abruptly started to speak fluent Japanese.

This sudden elevation of language skill comes from SANA's help.

DAHYUN tried various facial expressions along SANA's Japanese, and her lip sync showed the perfect harmony of the teammates.TWICEAs SANA was speaking in Japanese, the other members covered SANA's mouth and helped them have sneaky, secretive know-how for the interview.

As soon as SANA and DAHYUN finished the interview with perfect timing, the members burst into laughter.TWICEOn this day, TWICE held promotions for their second single 'Candy Pop' in Japan, released on February 7.

(Credit= Nippon TV ZIP!, Online Community, 'TWICE' Official Website)

(SBS Star)