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[SBS Star] IU's Acceptance Speech is Something that We should All Read


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IU Golden Disc AwardsIU's thoughtful award acceptance speech has been garnering people's attention.

On January 10, IU won the Grand Prize(Digital Song of the Year) on the first day of 'The 32nd Golden Disc Awards'.
IU Golden Disc AwardsAfter receiving the trophy, IU started her acceptance speech by expressing her gratitude to her fans and staffs.

Then she continued her speech by mentioning late Jonghyun, member of SHINee.
IU Golden Disc AwardsIU said, "To be honest, I'm still very sad. I sent off someone far away, who was so precious to me as a person, as a friend and as an artist.

I think I partly understand why he was in such pain. It's not something that I am completely unfamiliar with, so I'm so sad and sorry for him."
IU Golden Disc AwardsShe continued, "It's sad and frustrating that our daily lives will not allow us to dwell on that sadness as long as we have to.

I wish you all can smile when you're happy, cry when you're sad, be weak when you're sick. I hope these natural feelings can be expressed without any concerns.

Artists are people who console others, but I hope that they can take care of themselves first as an individual. I wish them not to get sick or hurt by trying to hide those natural feelings."

(Credit= JTBC 'The 32nd Golden Disc Awards')

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