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[SBS Star] G-DRAGON Bursts into Tears During BIGBANG's 'LAST DANCE' Concert


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BIGBANGK-pop boy group BIGBANG delivered its goodbyes to fans during the last concert before the members' military enlistment.

On January 12 aired episode of tvN's 'Livin' the Double Life', BIGBANG members were seen holding their 'LAST DANCE' concert in Seoul.

As reported earlier, this event was the members' very last performance together as BIGBANG before their military enlistment.

Near the end of the concert, the members took some time to deliver their goodbye messages to fans, one by one.
BIGBANGAfter SEUNGRI and DAESUNG, the group's leader G-DRAGON continued to deliver his goodbye.

G-DRAGON said, "To be honest, my mind is just blank right now. I really don't know what to say..." then choked up with tears.
BIGBANGHe continued, "I don't have anything special to say, other than 'I'm happy'. All I can say is that I'm beyond grateful."
BIGBANGTAEYANG added, "The time we spent together will always be an encouragement to us during our military service. Thank you so much, and we love you."
BIGBANGAfter delivering goodbyes, BIGBANG performed to its song 'LAST DANCE' as finale.

(Credit= tvN 'Livin' the Double Life')

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