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[SBS Star] EXO's KAI Shared His Feelings on Drama Debut in Japan


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EXO KAIK-pop boy group EXO's KAI shared his feelings on starring in a Japanese drama for the first time.

On January 9, Japanese media outlets reported about the VIP preview of Japan's drama series 'Spring Has Come', which KAI took the lead role.
EXO KAIAccording to reports, KAI will be playing the role of a Korean photographer visiting Japan.
EXO KAIDuring the VIP preview event, KAI shared his feelings on making his small screen debut in Japan.

He said, "It is heart-throbbing. I am glad that I selected this drama."
EXO KAIKAI also mentioned in a previous moment, "I was happy when I got the role. Just thinking about it makes me flutter.

Although I am not quite familiar with Japan's filming process, I will try my best to deliver a good drama to my fans. I'm still in a learning process."

Good luck KAI!

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