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[SBS Star] Park Bo Gum's 3 Most Important Values in Life?


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Park Bo Gums 3 Most Important Values in Life?
Korean actor Park Bo Gum shared about life values that he cherishes the most.

On January 8, VOGUE Taiwan dropped its interview clip with Park Bo Gum, who will be featured as the Magazine's cover model for February issue.

▶ [SBS Star] Taiwanese Magazine Features Park Bo Gum as the Cover Model
Park Bo GumDuring the interview, Park Bo Gum looked through a stack of cards and chose three things that he considers as the most important values in his life.
Park Bo GumActor Park chose 'Learning' first, explaining, "I think learning is something that we do every second. Learning something is the most important thing in life."

He continued, "I think my job as an actor is also a process of constant learning. Personally, I want to learn different languages in the future."
Park Bo GumThen Park Bo Gum picked 'Balancing' and added, "I think I need a balance among my career, personal life and leisure time. I think finding a balance is always important in one's life."
Park Bo GumLastly, he chose 'Enjoying' and said, "I think 'Enjoying' embraces other important life values. There's enjoyment in learning something, and there's enjoyment when you find a good balance in your life."
Park Bo GumCheck out Park Bo Gum's full interview clip below.

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