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[SBS Star] Revamped INFINITE's Much-anticipated Comeback with 'TOP SEED'


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Revamped INFINITEs Much-anticipated Comeback with TOP SEED
K-pop boy group INFINITE is finally back as 6.

On January 8, INFINITE dropped its newest full album 'TOP SEED' after one of its member Hoya's departure in August.

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INFINITEIt is the group's first release after a year and four mouths, since its 2016 release 'INFINITE ONLY'.

The album includes 12 tracks in total, with the electro pop-genre title track 'Tell Me'.

The song depicts one's regretful mind for past relationship, with catchy hooks and sophisticated melody.
INFINITEWhile 'Tell Me' is a bit toned down from INFINITE's previous hits, it still showcases the members' well-known, perfectly synchronized choreography.
INFINITECheck out INFINITE's 'Tell Me' music video below.

(Credit= 'woolliment' YouTube, 'ifnt7' Facebook) 

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