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[SBS Star] BIGBANG G-DRAGON's Belated New Year Greetings to Fans


작성 2018.01.09 09:47 조회수
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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] BIGBANG G-DRAGONs Belated New Year Greetings to Fans
K-pop boy group BIGBANG's G-DRAGON left a belated new year greetings to his fans.

On January 9, G-DRAGON posted a photo of him with a cat on his Instagram.
G-DRAGONAlong with the photo, G-DRAGON wrote, "Please take a good care of me again this year. I(cat's name), everything's gonna be alright. It's a bit late but happy new year everyone!"
G-DRAGONEarlier on January 1, G-DRAGON was shrouded in dating rumor with singer-actress Lee Juyeon.
G-DRAGONG-DRAGONHowever, no actions taken from the two celebrities nor their agencies regarding the rumor.

(Credit= 'xxxibgdrgn' Instagram, Online Community)

(SBS Star)