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[SBS Star] T-ARA Cannot be Named as 'T-ARA' from Now On; Here's Why


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] T-ARA Cannot be Named as T-ARA from Now On; Heres Why
K-pop girl group T-ARA may not be able to promote under the name 'T-ARA' for at least 10 years.

On January 3, entire members of T-ARA left their management agency MBK Entertainment without disbanding.
T-ARAShortly after their departure, news outlets reported that MBK Entertainment had applied to register a trademark for the name '티아라' 'T-ARA' at the Korean Intellectual Property Office on December 28.

If the application is accepted, the members cannot continue their career under the name of T-ARA.
T-ARAIt was also reported that even if the members decide to use a different name, they will have to pay royalties to MBK if they wish to perform any songs they had released as T-ARA.

Many people draw similarities between T-ARA and Highlight(former BEAST)'s situation, as Highlight's members were not able to use their first group name 'BEAST' after they left CUBE Entertainment due to trademark issue.
T-ARAFollowing the reports, MBK Entertainment stated, "We did submit our application to register a trademark for 'T-ARA'. We believe that we are well justified applying for this trademark (as the former agency of the group)."

The agency continued, "Unlike BEAST's situation, we had a beautiful parting with the members. As the members have not decided on their future plans yet, we are sorry to be criticized for our actions."
T-ARAExclusive contracts of T-ARA's four members with MBK Entertainment expired in December 2017, and all members decided not to renew their contract.

(Credit= 'KIPRIS' Official Website, 'officialtara' Facebook)

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