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[SBS Star] Taiwanese Magazine Features Park Bo Gum as the Cover Model


작성 2018.01.08 15:05 조회수
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Park Bo Gum (VOGUE Taiwan)Korean actor Park Bo Gum boasted his charms on the cover of VOGUE Taiwan.

Recently, VOGUE Taiwan revealed that actor Park Bo Gum will be featured as the cover model of its February issue.
Park Bo Gum (VOGUE Taiwan)In the pre-released pictorial, Park Bo Gum showed both his boyish looks and his masculine looks.
Park Bo Gum (VOGUE Taiwan)Park Bo Gum garnered popularity in the greater China area, after his 2016 hit drama 'Love in the Moonlight'.
Park Bo Gum (VOGUE Taiwan)He recently held his Japan fan meeting, proving his skyrocketing popularity throughout Asia.

(Credit= 'VOGUE Taiwan' YouTube)

(SBS Star)