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[SBS Star] 'Groom-to-be' TAEYANG Knows How to Cook!


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TAEYANGK-pop boy group BIGBANG's TAEYANG showed off his impressive cooking skills.

On January 4 aired episode of tvN's 'Livin' the Double Life', TAEYANG cooked a dinner for CL and Oh Hyuk.
TAEYANGThey went on a trip together to Gangneung, and TAEYANG and Oh Hyuk went grocery shopping together.

As CL had other schedule before and said she had not eaten anything all day, TAEYANG went into the kitchen to cook a meal for her and Oh Hyuk.TAEYANGTAEYANG walked back and forth between the barbecue grill and the kitchen to cook meat, spicy instant noodles and Kimchi stew at the same time.

MCs for the show praised TAEYANG, "When did he learn to cook?" "He seems like a warmhearted person".

Meanwhile, TAEYANG and actress Min Hyorin will tie the knot on February 3.

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