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[SBS Star] Girls' Generation's Dorm was Haunted?


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SunnyK-pop girl group Girls' Generation member Sunny shared a story about the time when she saw a ghost at the group's dormitory.

On January 3, E Channel's 'Life Trading Reality - To You From Me' dropped a pre-release clip of Sunny's appearance on the show.

During the show, Sunny talked about a ghost appeared at Girls' Generation's dorm.
SunnyShe said, "Yuri and I were roommates in our first dorm. One day Yuri was on her laptop while laying on the bed.

Another member walked past our room, and she saw me with my hair down looking at Yuri's computer together with her.
SunnyBut then I walked out from the bathroom after taking a shower. The member was like, 'How did she take a shower so fast? Then who was that in the room with Yuri?'

She went straight to Yuri but Yuri told her that she was all alone in her room. At the time, I didn't know about that.
SunnyThen one day, I woke up in the middle of the night because I was feeling dizzy.

I woke up and looked down toward my bed, and there was a girl shaking my bed side to side with her hands.

I wasn't sure whether it was reality or just a dream, but I was so scared and had trouble sleeping in the room after all. That's when I heard about the time a girl laying next to Yuri on the bed."

(Credit= E Channel 'Life Trading Reality - To You From Me')

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