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[SBS Star] VIDEO: VIXX's 'Shangri-La' was Underrated for Sure!


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SBS Inkigayo - May 21, 2017

Did you know that boy group VIXX's 'Shangri-La' suddenly went viral, after 8 months of its release?

The song 'Shangri-La' was released in May 2017, and its promotions ended in following June.

However, the song has been garnering a sudden popularity after VIXX's recent performance.
VIXX Shangri-LaOn December 31, VIXX performed to its remix version of 'Shangri-La' during MBC's year-end music festival.

VIXX members showed off their flawless dancing and singing skills with exquisite oriental theme using various props like red cloths and folding fans.
VIXX Shangri-LaShortly after the performance, the video clip has been ranked No.1 in most popular videos list of Korea's Naver TV, and has exceeded 1 million view counts.

Moreover, 'Shangri-La' has been significantly stepped up on Korea's music streaming application Melon's chart, proving its popularity.
SBS Inkigayo - June 4, 2017

Check out VIXX's previous 'Shangri-La' performance above.

(Credit= MBC '2017 MBC Gayo Daejejeon', SBS Inkigayo)

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