[SBS Star] VIDEO: Lee Jong-suk Wins Top Excellence Actor Award at '2017 SBS Drama Awards'

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Published 2018.01.02 13:56 Updated 2018.01.02 14:01 View Count

Korean actor Lee Jong-suk won the Top Excellence Actor Award at '2017 SBS Drama Awards'.

On December 31, Lee Jong-suk attended '2017 SBS Drama Awards' and received the Top Actor Awards after starring in SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama series 'While You Were Sleeping'.

He gave an acceptance speech, "I'm so lucky to receive such award. Every time when I receive an award, I feel honored and scared. It feels like I'm receiving an award one step earlier than I expected. I always wanted to escape from this position."

He continued and showed gratitude towards 'While You Were Sleeping' drama crews. He said, "I know 'While You Were Sleeping' crew members are here. Good job and you guys have done well."

He also appreciated his fans for much love, "Thank you for watching my twenties. I'll try my best to become a better person."

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