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[SBS Star] '8 Months Pregnant' Jun Ji Hyun Spotted in Hong Kong!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] 8 Months Pregnant Jun Ji Hyun Spotted in Hong Kong!
Currently 8-month pregnant, Korean actress Jun Ji Hyun's (Gianna Jun) recent photos were released.

On December 7, Chinese media company reported about how a netizen spotted actress eating at a restaurant in Hong Kong with her husband. 
[SBS Star] '8 months pregnant' Jun Ji Hyun Spotted in Hong Kong!In the photos released by Chinese SNS Weibo, actress Jun was seen enjoying Hong Kong's famous seafood dish. 

At the time when the netizen took the photo, the actress was with her husband Choi and close acquaintances, not giving much attention to other people.

Currently 8-month pregnant with her second child, Jun Ji Hyun was seen wearing comfortable outfits without wearing any make-up. 
[SBS Star] '8 months pregnant' Jun Ji Hyun Spotted in Hong Kong!Earlier on December 5, Jun Ji Hyun was seen shopping in a department store in Hong Kong. 

She is reportedly taking some time off to solely focus on her prenatal care. She is expected to give birth to her second child at the beginning of the next year.

Jun Ji Hyun tied the knot in 2012 with a Korean traditional hanbok designer Lee Young-hee's grandson, who is also a businessman. She also gave birth to a son last February. 

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