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[SBS Star] Yang Se Jong's Secret Place to Prepare for a New Drama?


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Yang Se Jongs Secret Place to Prepare for a New Drama?
Korean actor Yang Se Jong rose to instant stardom after shooting SBS TV series 'Temperature of Love'. He even earned a new nickname 'monstrous rookie actor' and received spotlight in such a short period of time. 

On December 5, SBS funE released an interview with rising star Yang Se Jong. 

It was reported that although he rose to stardom at such a young age of 26 years old, he has been maintaining modest and peaceful mindset as if the interviewer is talking about another person. 
[SBS Star] Yang Se Jong's Secret Place When Preparing for a New DramaIn the recent drama, actor Yang has played a character who is very straightforward with his feelings about love. He was sometimes seen with loveliness and coldness, showing diverse charms by expressing cold and hot feelings in the drama. 

According to actor Yang, as soon as he was done with his previous TV series 'Duel', he wanted to forget about the character.
[SBS Star] Yang Se Jong's Secret Place When Preparing for a New DramaHe said, "After shooting 'Duel', I happen to star in 'Temperature of Love'. As soon as I was done with it I wanted to shake it all off. Since then, I met so many people and drank wine a lot. As a result, I gained some weight as well. When I was shooting, I was like a skull." 

To actor Yang, 'Temperature of Love' was his first time starring as the main character in one of the mainstream TV channels in Korea. But he didn't have much time to prepare for his next drama after finishing shooting for 'Duel'. 
[SBS Star] Yang Se Jong's Secret Place When Preparing for a New DramaHe said, "Thankfully, I felt burdensome for a short period of time. I did mind control. But the problem was having not much time to prepare. So I struggled. Since the script was good and fun, I had the desire to play the character. Thus I asked the staff at 'Temperature of Love' for more time. Time to forget about my character in 'Duel'. I still had some 'Duel' action while I was reading the new script for 'Temperature of Love'. That's why I asked for more time." 

Most of his fans probably know, before actor Yang shoots a new drama he has to move to a one-room studio. He needs some time to solely focus on the new drama and its character. He described this process as 'small room process'. 

Actor Yang said, "Of course, I did the 'small room process' again. I made people feel distressed, my family, friends, and coworkers. I put my phone to be silent, replied to the text messages after 3 months. I secluded myself from the public. Of course, it is tiring. But if I don't do this, I can't focus on acting. One time I didn't do it and I messed up all of my parts in the drama set." 
[SBS Star] Yang Se Jong's Secret Place When Preparing for a New DramaThe actor also revealed how he is totally different from the character, On Jung-Sun in the drama. 

He said, "On Jung-Sun is different from me. It's similar but he's somehow different in expressing. Jung-Sun reveals his feelings at the end. He trusts, relies upon, confirms love and expresses right away. But for me, I tend to have some time to doubt about the girl when I like her. After spending all that time, I show her my feelings. I gave all of myself to the girl. I'm honest." 

He also shared about his late struggles. He said, "I'm not happy. Not happy at all. Practicing process is tiring. I feel like I'm losing important things. These days I keep on thinking 'Where am I? Where is Yang Se Jong? What am I doing? Am I living well?' I keep on doubting myself." 
[SBS Star] Yang Se Jong's Secret Place When Preparing for a New DramaPerhaps it is because he has been continuously working since his debut, he seemed like he needed rest. 

But he added, "I want to choose my next project slowly, although it's not my option as I need to get chosen by someone. I've been reading all of the scenarios. But I don't know when I'll make a comeback. Sometimes I dream about resting but when I see new works, I want to shoot it. I want to be opened to all of the options now." 

(Credit= GOOD PEOPLE/ SBS funE)

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