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[SBS Star] SHINee ONEW Writes a Hand-Written Apology Letter


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K-pop boy group SHINee's ONEW wrote a hand-written apology letter to his fans after four months of hiatus. 
[SBS Star] SHINee ONEW Writes a Hand-Written Apology LetterOn December 4, ONEW wrote on his group's official website that said, "Hello, this is ONEW. I want to apologize to my supportive and loving fans. 

For past 4 months, while I've been on hiatus from activities, I took some time to reflect on myself. I must have disappointed all of you who gave love to my lacking self. Thus, I resented and blamed myself over and over again. 

I have been contemplating how to apologize, and which words to use for an apology. I felt so sorry and cautious about even writing anything down." 
[SBS Star] SHINee ONEW Writes a Hand-Written Apology LetterHe continued, "When I was receiving much love and attention from people, I should've been more responsible about my private life. But I've only disappointed my fans. I'm deeply sorry. Also, I'm sorry to my members who have been diligently working for 9 years together, my parents, fans, and staff who must've disappointed in my actions. 
[SBS Star] SHINee ONEW Writes a Hand-Written Apology LetterMoreover, I will always be reflecting on myself, try my best to be strict on myself. From now on, whether it is for publicity or private life, I will work hard to become a person who fits well into SHINee." 

Earlier on August 12, ONEW was accused of sexual harassment after touching parts of woman's body at a club. The police arrived at the scene after receiving the reports. During the police investigation, ONEW denied his faults by saying he doesn't remember anything because he was drunk at the time. But his charges were dropped. 
[SBS Star] SHINee ONEW Writes a Hand-Written Apology LetterAt the time ONEW expressed his regretful mind through SM Entertainment, "I'm deeply sorry for disappointing many people. I'm reflecting on myself." So this is the first time he is apologizing to his fans directly after 4 months.

Recently, ONEW's fans have been signing a paper to withdraw ONEW from the group. Moreover, fans criticized the management agency for having his photo on SM Entertainment's end-of-year calendar. 

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