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[SBS Star] EXO KAI Helps Homeless Workers to Spend Warm Winter


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[SBS Star] EXO KAI Helps Homeless Workers to Spend Warm WinterAs part of a talent donation, K-pop boy group EXO's KAI has decorated the cover of 'BIG ISSUE' magazine.

On December 4, 'BIG ISSUE Korea' announced KAI's cover of its 168th issue was completely sold out in just two days, which is estimated to be 1,500 copies. 

Also, the extra 5,000 copies were sold out as soon as it was published. It has broken the fast-selling record of the magazine. 

Despite its sale route being mainly street sales, it marked the best sales in its history. The 'BIG ISSUE' analyzed the reason behind its an unprecedented sale as big fandom. 

According to the relevant staff at 'the 'BIG ISSUE', EXO fans shared where to buy KAI's magazine via social media to help homeless street sellers to get off-work early. It was assumed that fans wanted to help and join KAI's good deeds.

One street seller showed gratitude, "Thanks to KAI and EXO fans, I'll be spending warm winter."
[SBS Star] EXO KAI Helps Homeless Workers to Spend Warm WinterEarlier KAI had an interview with 'BIG ISSUE' and shared his wish, "I wish more people can spend warm winter after shooting this pictorial." 

Then on December 2, during '2017 Melon Music Award' after winning 'This Year's Artist Award', KAI mentioned that "I heard not only EXO but also our fan club members are helping others to spend warm winters."

The half of profits of 'BIG ISSUE' magazine's sale will be donated toward homeless street sellers. Its magazines are available for sale at Seoul metro subway stations and 'BIG ISSUE' online shop. It will also be available for sale in 11 countries including England, Australia, Japan, and Taiwan.

'BIG ISSUE' revealed its decision to re-publish just in case it becomes out of stock before usual two-weeks sale. 

(Credit= BIG ISSUE/SBS funE) 

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