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[SBS Star] Tiffany Updated Fans about Taeyeon's Recent Car Accident


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TiffanyK-pop girl group Girls' Generation's member Tiffany was spotted in Hong Kong!
TiffanyOn November 30, Tiffany posted several photos of herself during her schedule in Hong Kong on her Instagram.

At fashion event that she attended on the same day, MC of the event asked Tiffany, "Have you got the chance to talk to Taeyeon after her accident? How do you feel?".
TiffanyTiffany answered, "Yeah, all the girls(Girls' Generation members) have been keeping in touch. She(Taeyeon) is safe. I also wished her good luck with her Christmas concert and all the festivities."

Then she smiled and added, "All the girls are good. We are all keeping in touch so don't worry!", relieving worried fans.
TiffanyBack in October, Tiffany decided not to renew her exclusive contract with SM Entertainment to pursue her acting career in the U.S.

She is currently residing in Los Angeles, California to study acting.

(Credit= 'xolovestephi' Instagram, 'K-Star hk' YouTube)  

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