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[SBS Star] VIDEO: TWICE's Melts Your Heart with Lovely 'Likey' Stage


작성 2017.11.15 15:39 조회수
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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: TWICEs Melts Your Heart with Lovely Likey Stage
K-pop girl group TWICE is back with its 'Likey' stage!

On November 12, TWICE made an appearance at SBS 'Inkigayo' and performed to its latest track 'Likey'.

'Likey' is the title track of TWICE's first full album 'Twicetagram', which showcases nine TWICE members' nine different charms.

Along with 'Likey', the new album consists of 12 more tracks―including 'Turtle' 'MISSING U' 'WOW' 'FFW' 'DING DONG' '24/7' 'Look at Me' 'ROLLIN'' 'LOVE LINE' 'DON'T GIVE UP' 'You are Mine' and 'Sleep Well Good Night'.

Check out TWICE's 'Likey' stage on SBS 'Inkigayo' above!

(Credit= SBS Inkigayo)

(SBS Star)