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[SBS Star] Suzy Talks about the 'Stunt Rumor', "It felt good"


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[SBS Star] Suzy Opens-up about Her 'Stunt Rumor', 'It felt goodKorean actor and singer Suzy talked about her 'stunt rumor'. 

On November 14, Korean fashion magazine 'HIGH CUT' released new pictorials of Suzy. 

In the released pictorials, Suzy was seen comfortable wearing a jumper, hoodie, and casual clothes. She was seen wearing jeans and even miniskirts, which made her look more lovely. 

She was also seen with natural light makeup, under the sun which demonstrated her natural beauty. 
[SBS Star] Suzy Opens-up about Her 'Stunt Rumor', 'It felt goodWhile she was shooting for the pictorials, she also had an interview about her role in recent drama 'While You Were Sleeping'.

During the interview, she shared her feelings after hearing a stunt rumor, that a stunt did the reporter portion of the drama.

She said, "To be honest, it felt good. I actually asked the real TV reporter on how to act and practiced it by myself." 
[SBS Star] Suzy Opens-up about Her 'Stunt Rumor', 'It felt goodShe continued, "When I practiced it all by myself, I thought I was doing well. But after seeing the actual TV reporter it was the total opposite. What I didn't know was that reporters focus more on talking accurately in a very consistent tone, than looking pretty while they talk. As I've done hosting and narrating multiple times, I had an inconsistent tone when I talked. After meeting with the reporter, I focused more on practicing words like 'detain' and 'prosecutors' as it appear often on the news." 
[SBS Star] Suzy Opens-up about Her 'Stunt Rumor', 'It felt goodMoreover, Suzy talked about some of the struggles she faced while she was acting as a TV reporter.

She said, "My body kept on moving. You know how TV reporters are good at standing still, but I'm more comfortable moving around (like this)." 
[SBS Star] Suzy Opens-up about Her 'Stunt Rumor', 'It felt goodWhen an interviewer asked her about the reason behind recording a soundtrack of 'While You Were Sleeping' called 'I Love You Boy', Suzy responded, "Before, I felt the pressure to distinguish whether I want to work as a singer or actress. But it didn't make sense at all because I'm doing both. After just admitting the fact that I'm both singer and actress I felt so much freedom. From now on, I want to do both at the same time. I bet audiences will feel more comfortable seeing and hearing me at the same time. If it helps my work, I will sing song again without a doubt." 
[SBS Star] Suzy Opens-up about Her 'Stunt Rumor', 'It felt goodLastly, Suzy talked about the viral dubbing phone application, "I have more videos like that on my cell phone. It's so funny. But I'm going to keep it to myself." 

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[SBS Star] Suzy Opens-up about Her 'Stunt Rumor', 'It felt goodMeanwhile, Suzy's new interview and pictorials with 'HIGH CUT' will be released on November 16. Also, her recent drama 'While You Were Sleeping' is set to end on November 16.

(Credit= HIGH CUT, iHQ/ SBS funE, 'skuukzky' Instagram)

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