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[SBS Star] 'D-line' Kim Min-ji and Park Ji-Sung Spotted at a Gallery in the UK


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[SBS Star] Pregnant with Second Child Kim Min-ji and Park Ji-Sung Spotted at The Saatchi GalleryKorean soccer player Park Ji-sung and his wife and former announcer Kim Min-ji were spotted at The Saatchi Gallery in the UK.

On October 12, Korean announcer Bae Seong-jae posted a picture of Park Ji-sung and Kim Min-ji's picture on his social media account. 

Bae Seong-jae wrote, "Updates about Park Ji-sung. He attended Kim Min-ji's mother's (artist) exhibition at The Saatchi Gallery." 
In the picture, Park Ji-sung was seen putting his arms around Kim Min-ji's 'D-line' waist as his wife Kim Min-ji is pregnant with her second child. 

Bae Seong-jae also mentioned that "She is expecting a son whose nickname is 'Mandoo 2', or 'Man-two' in shortened form." 

It was reported that Bae Seong-jae introduced Park Ji-sung to Kim Min-ji and the pair got married on July 2014. The pair also gave birth to a daughter one year after their wedding.

Park-Kim couple is currently living in London, UK. 

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