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[SBS Star] VIDEO: 'Alive Pictorial' Actor Lee Dong Wook Spotted in Paris


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Korean actor Lee Dong Wook's charm has garnered attention from Parisians. 

Recently, actor Lee Dong Wook attended the 'Givenchy 2018 S/S Collection' fashion show in Paris, France.
[SBS Star] Live Pictorial Actor Lee Dong Wook Spotted in ParisOn that day, actor Lee Dong Wook who was wearing a brown checkered suit won cheers from the crowd. 

Not only actor Lee was successful in demonstrating his perfect gentleman's look, but also grabbed many people's attention with his natural yet stylish hairstyle.  

When actor Lee was on the fashion show's staircase, the crowd went near him to take pictures of him. 
[SBS Star] Live Pictorial Actor Lee Dong Wook Spotted in ParisLee Dong Wook welcomed his fans with a smile and agreed to take pictures with them. 

After the fashion show, there were numerous pictures and videos of Lee Dong Wook uploaded on both domestic and international social media. 

Have fun watching the 'alive pictorial' of Lee Dong Wook here! 

(Credit = 'People_in_pfw' YouTube, 'singlesmagazine' Instagram, Online Community)

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