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[SBS Star] VIDEO: K.will's Unbelievable 'Nonfiction' Comeback Stage!


작성 2017.10.12 14:40 조회수
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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: K.wills Unbelievable Nonfiction Comeback Stage!
Korean ballad singer K.will finally came back!

On October 8, K.will made a comeback stage on SBS 'Inkigayo'.

K.will sang three songs from his latest 4th album 'Nonfiction'―which were 'Nonfiction', 'Fall In Love' and 'Dolus Eventualis'. 

Check out K.will's 'Nonfiction' here. 

Check out K.will's 'Fall In Love' and 'Dolus Eventualis' below.

(Credit = SBS Inkigayo) 

(SBS Star)