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[SBS Star] VIDEO: Ji Chang Wook, Kang Ha-neul, Bae Suzy's Behind-the-Scenes Clips Released


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: Ji Chang Wook, Kang Ha-neul, Bae Suzys Behind-the-Scenes Clips Released
Are you ready to watch behind the scenes for SBS 'HanBam'? 

On October 10, 'Han Bam' released unedited interview clips with the stars.

In the very first portion of the clip, Korean actor Ji Chang Wook makes an appearance.

When he received a gift box full of army supplies he asks the reporter, "Do people actually eat this? They probably eat this once or twice right?" and showed a rookie soldier's look. 

However, unlike his rookie looks, actor Ji is currently serving in the army and even received a 'Comrade Award' for his excellent performance. 

Then the second portion of the clip revealed an interview session with actor Kang Ha-neul. It was his last interview before he went to the army. 

However, Ha-neul did not get much attention from the crowd around him. But rather, his partner actor Park Seo-joon was getting the most attention from the crowd. Even a guy from the crowd wanted to take a picture with actor Park, bringing awkward atmosphere to the set. 

Lastly, the third portion of the clip revealed a secret behind actress and singer Bae Suzy's interview with 'HanBam'. To begin the interview, Suzy goes into the elevator. Then a staff from 'HanBam' asks Suzy to say what he wrote. Suzy says it out loud, "I am Bae Suzy. These days, I dream which I can foresight the future. Today, I have to attend the press conference and do an interview with 'HanBam'. 

Watch behind the scenes clips of 'HanBam' interviews here! 

(Credit = SBS HanBam) 

(SBS Star)