[SBS Star] Steven Yeun to Join Yoo Ah-in's 'Burning'

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Published 2017.09.21 09:58 Updated 2017.09.21 09:59 View Count
기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Steven Yeun to Join Yoo Ah-ins Burning
Korean American actor Steven Yeun recently joined Yoo Ah-in's upcoming movie 'Burning'.

On September 20, it was reported that Steven Yeun is starring at film director Lee Chang Dong's upcoming film 'Burning', costarring with Korean actor Yoo Ah-in.
Steven Yeun to Join Yoo Ah-in's 'Burning'Steven Yeun expressed his wish to work with Lee Chang Dong one day during his previous interviews.

Steven Yeun will take the role of 'Ben', who will solve a mysterious case with Yoo Ah-in's 'Jong Soo'.

Regarding the casting, director Lee Chang Dong commented, "Steven Yeun has a mysterious charm that fits the character 'Ben'."

The film 'Burning' just cranked in last week, and is expected to premiere in the beginning of next year.

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