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[SBS Star] RAIN Confirms His Comeback in December


작성 2017.09.15 13:24 조회수
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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] RAIN Confirms His Comeback in December
K-pop artist RAIN is making a comeback in December!

On September 15, RAIN COMAPNY announced, "RAIN is preparing for his mini-album which will be released in upcoming December."

RAIN COMAPNY's staff also added, "The new album will consist of the songs that are more sensational and stronger in color than previous hit songs 'I'm Coming', and 'It's Raining'." 
[SBS Star] RAIN Confirms his Comeback in DecemberHe will also be appearing as a host and mentor for upcoming idol rebooting project 'The Unit', to help his fellow junior singers.

It is his comeback in nearly three years after his sixth album 'RAIN EFFECT', and it is his first activity after marrying actress Kim Tae-hee as well. This year marks his 17th year of debut. 

Meanwhile, RAIN was recently spotted multiple times at the airports with his wife Kim Tae-hee and his father. The last time they were spotted was at the airport in Rome for their babymoon.

(Credit = 'RAINCOMPANY' Official Website)

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